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Lessons in Creating a Content Strategy that Sells:

  1. 1 Lesson: Getting Started with Building Your Strategy

    Objective: Learn the importance of setting goals for your business

  2. 2 Assignment: Setting Your Goals

    Objective: Set your measurable goals

  3. 3 Lesson: Why Your Audience Matters

    Objective: Know who you're creating for.

  4. 4 Assignment: Identifying Your Audience

    Objective: Create a clear profile of your best customers.

  5. 5 Lesson: Understanding Content for Funnel Stages

    Objective: Learn how to create for each stage and repurpose your content

  6. 6 Assignment: Planning Your Content

    Objective: Pair your content with funnel stages

  7. 7 Lesson: Creating Content Topics

    Objective: What topics will you create content around?

  8. 8 Assignment: Planning & Repurposing

    Objective: Define your content topics

  9. 9 Lesson: Scheduling Your Content

    Objective: Discover how to save time when posting your content

  10. 10 Assignment: Scheduling Tools

    Objective: Save time scheduling conent!

Lessons in Digital Marketing Foundations:

  1. 1 Defining Your Target Audience

    Objective: Understand who your audience is.

  2. 2 Choosing Social Media Platforms

    Objective: Where are you customers spending time?

  3. 3 Optimizing Your Website

    Objective: Does your website offer a good user experience?

  4. 4 Planning Your Digital Presence

    Objective: Create a seamless user experience.

About Rebecca Bertoldi

Rebecca Bertoldi has been helping small businesses achieve new heights for over 20 years. Her teachings make marketing your business easy and she's always there for support. When she's not behind her desk you can find her spending time with family, volunteering and cooking.

What Our Members Have to Say:

“Rebecca knows so many tools for entrepreneurs to advertise and market their business online. She is a great resource and very easy to work with. I recommend Rebecca Bertoldi if you want your business to be known.” ― Shelia Vidal
“Rebecca is extremely detail-oriented and produces incredible results. She has more than doubled my personal lead generation. Rebecca is innovative and always looking to exceed goals.” ― Renee Zaring
“Rebecca is a joy to work with and an absolute genius at what she does. I've worked on several marketing campaigns with her and she takes care of everything so I can do what I'm best at. She comes with so much knowledge about marketing and is full of ideas. Highly recommend. ” ― Lauren Brollier, Soul Savvy
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